How can I make a HP laserjet 1012 print with Win 7

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I looked for win7 drivers in the HP website and they have nothing.
Do you know of generic print drivers available for public consumption or maybe an easy workaround.
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You must have the drivers to print from a Windows 7 machine.


Based on HP's website (, Windows 7 support for the LaserJet 1012 is provided by the Vista driver. No vendor-specific Windows 7 driver is available from HP, and the OS does not include the driver built-in.

Vista 32-bit driver
Vista 64-bit driver

Have you tried using the Vista drivers already? Any luck?

Hope this helps!
If you're running into the "Personality Not Supported PCL Error," or experiencing slow output using the Vista driver and USB, this link may also help:


Excerpt from above:
Alright, I found the real fix for this so you can  print at normal speed and not got the â¿¿Pesonality Not Supported:  PCL⿝ Error [For Advanced Users].

1.      First off, go download  HPâ¿¿s LaserJet 1012 Host Based drivers.



2.       Extract the driver.
3.      Plug in and turn on your printer if you  havenâ¿¿t already.
4.      Go to Start>Devices and Printers, and choose  to add a printer
5.      Choose to add a local printer
6.      Choose  Dot-4-usb printing support
7.      Click Have Disk⿦ on the next windows
8.       Navigate to where you extracted the drivers, and choose the inf file
9.       Choose the HP 1012 HB Driver
10.      Follow the prompt till it installs  the printer or what not

Now you may notice that it prints slow as  heck, well no worries! To fix that do this.

1.      Go to Start,  right click Computer and choose Manage
2.      Go to Device Manager
3.       Find 1284.4 dot4usb Printing Support
4.      Right click it and choose  Update Driver
5.      Choose â¿¿Browse my computer for  driver  software.â¿¿
6.      Choose USB Virtual Printing Support
7.      Follow the  prompt, exit out of Device Manager
8.      Go to Start>Devices and  Printers
9.      Right click HP 1012 HB, choose Printer Properties
10.       Go to the Port Tab, find Virtual USB Printing Support (Not dot4) and  check that.
11.      Click Ok.

Congratulations! Your printer  isnâ¿¿t an agonizing experience anymore!!

NOTE: The users in my  environment reported that the printer after a restart showed up  uninstalled but continued to print fine, so meh. Guess it canâ¿¿t be  perfect.
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works like a charm...thank you
I wish I had 50000 points for you

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Hi TPCIT, so glad it worked for you ... happy printing!

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