cannot get installshield setups to install silent

I cannot get the setups in the zip files silent,  I do get them to install unattended but not silent,  allthough an .iss file was delivered with the setup.
I tried with  /s of –s
I tried with or without using the response file, with no avail.
The drivers in question can be found here,  in the zip file :driver manager and

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Rory de LeurConsultant End-User ComputingCommented:
I never use installshield setup.exe's to install drivers, i rather install these manual on a workstation, use DriverBackup! ( to retrieve the ones i want/need, and deploy them with dpinst.exe.

In my company we use SCCM to deploy packages, and with dpinst.exe we pre-install all drivers on all the workstations on system level, so users will not have to be admins to use certain USB devices.

Ps. DPinst ( is part of Windows Driver Kit (WDK) and availble for download at (you onlu need the tools section!)
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