ESXi PDC backup

I have single esxi with dc1 and dc2(win2k3 AD) and was wondering what would be the best way to backup and restore the vm for DRS purposes (I have no budget for backup software) mind you this is a child domain that replicates with parent and child domain...any clue ?
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system state with ntbackup will make your sleep better.

It's already avalible for you and it's a supported backup/restore method.

Using a single ESXi will not give you any redundancy if the host fails. I would try to have the DC's on seperate hosts
A complete NTBackup to a disk file should work well for you.  Then move the backup file you created to another machine/share.  

If you choose an external/USB hard disk to host the backup, you'll have to connect that to your workstation since ESXi does not directly support USB drives.
Complete backup of the System drive and System State in addition to that.

Also your current setup will fail you once your physical ESXi Host fails.

I strongly recommend getting a physical DC in place.

Leave your one DC as is on the ESXi host.

Get a 3rd party cheap azz PC and put the second DC on that.

Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

> Get a 3rd party cheap azz PC and put the second DC on that

AD do un-buffered writes and if this cheap PC/disc don't support this you will end up in problemes (corrupt ntds.dit database or USN-rollback) once the "PC-DC" have an accidential/unexcpected powerloss or HW-problems.

I would not create a permanent DC on a PC with no HW redundancy
Hi snusgubbe,
I agree with you but would you rather have what he currently has OR
would you rather place a physical DC along with the VM?

He was clear with regards to his budget which drove me to the cheaper option.
Having two virtual DC's on the same host is a single point of failure. If the VM-host blows away his domain is unavalible.

If the company don't have any demands about uptime, fine. But if the domain is vital to the company, I would move one of the DC's to another box (VM or physical). Squeeze some cash from the management to buy some new HW by telling them that there exist a single point of failure.

Leaving a DC on some HW without RAID and extra PSU can get you into trouble.

A cheap solution can be good for economi as long as things works, but the cheap solution can be very expensive the day the solution goes down.

shadow2007Author Commented:
agreed and if only I was the decision maker
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