lots of errors trying to uninstall oracle net8 and install oracle Client 9i

I don't know much about this kind of thing... all i know is that i want to put oracle 9i onto my server, but there was already a version of oracle already, which appeared to be Net8 or something like that.

When opening up installer to try and remove Net8, there were about 15 different options to remove. I didn't know what to remove and nobody else I asked seemed to either so i tried to remove all of them. But, I got errors for about 5 of them saying that if i removed that program then it would affect other programs i use.... so of course i really don't want to mess up this server so i left it there.

I tried to remove it because the first time i tried to install Oracle Client 9i it said that i cannot install into an oracle home which already has something in it. So, after that it occured to me to try and create a new oracle home. I did that and it started to install except for lots of errors coming up saying 'I/O Error while opening or reading file C:\Docume~1\DUBLIN~1\Locals~1\Temp\1\OraInstall 2010-04-20-0-59-03PM\temp221' (with the only thing changing being temp221 will become temp222 etc). So, I just tried to skip those files of which there was probably about 20.

Then it appeared to install. So, I tried to see if I could connect to the database I wanted to connect to and not surprisingly it didn't work. Tried using TOAD and got an error 'cannot resolve TNS name'. Tried through visual studio and go the error 'OraOLEDBpus.dll: The specific module could not be found' so i guess that could have been one of the 20 or so files that didn't install properly.

Either way, it looks like a mess, and i want to try and just remove everything related to oracle 8 or 9 or whatever and start again, or just get the 'version' installed now working properly.

What should i do at this stage?

Thanks, Aiden
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
If you want to uninstall EVERYTHING Oracle, I always suggest a manual uninstall:


Then the 9i install should go OK.  You might require a reboot to release some locks on the old 8i stuff before you can delete it.

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AidenAAuthor Commented:
tried all those steps successfully.

still got the error 'I/O Error while opening or reading file C:\Docume~1\DUBLIN~1\Locals~1\Temp\1\OraInstall 2010-04-20-0-59-03PM\temp2'

AidenAAuthor Commented:
i see this as a possible solution


although not sure exactly where to find the files that they are talking about yet. looking around now...
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you did not mention your OS but I think you are using windows xp.
Do the following:
1. Login to windows using Safe mode.
2. Delete Oracle installation directories and also oracle directory from Program Files.
3. Delete Oracle entries from your registry but keep in mind its sometime creates problems if you delete something else.

Then reboot your computer and start installation again.
Another thing which I think you have is media (CD or DVD) from where you are trying to install seems corrupted. try to change it also if possible.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
It might be a corrupt file.  

Did you manually unzip the software or browse into the 'Zip' file through windows explorer?
AidenAAuthor Commented:
hey it's windows 2000 server.

I tried to recopy over folders just incase something got corrupt somehow. And that kind of improved things actually. but still getting loads of errors, to be honest i think the thing might just be too old and too crap...

but the last thing which appeared to be the oracle 9i program appeared to install ok even if other things didn't... so, i might try again tomorrow and see if i can figure out what is not working
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
old yes. unless you specifically need 9i, I suggest 10g or 11g clients.

9i will work just fine on Windows 2000. It might be the copy you have is corrupt. Unfortunately it appears 9i has been desupported and is no longer available for download.
AidenAAuthor Commented:
yeah apparently it is 9i i need. I had it working fine on another windows 2000 server but that server was really old as well and died, so they just found me another one lying around. The last thing they want to do is spend any money so i'm kind of stuck with it unless it dies too...

But i think it may have worked... i'm still trying to connect to the external database from the server, but in fact there may be some kind of privalges problem, so it may be ok... still checking
AidenAAuthor Commented:
ok, well it's working now. As i say, i just copied across the installation folders again and that seemed to allow the client to install although i think all the rest still probably didn't work. Not sure why really. don't want to know either... had so many problems with these old servers!

thanks for your help anyway, one of the solutions above might have helped but it's hard to know what cured the problem!

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