Change Exchange alerts from wmi@servername

Hi, can anyone tell me how to change the sender on Exchaneg 2003 notifications. These are sent out from wmi@servername and therefore will not go out to an external mail address.

We are monitoring the connector between a UK based mail server and one in the UAE and need to advise a local IT company if the link goes down. I get the copies through in my internal mailbox but the external guy does not unless I forward them on.

I have seen a solution which seems to address this issue on SBS but we are using Windows 2003 server. Another suggestion is to use scripting but I am not familiar with this technology.

If someone has a basic script which will send a simple e-mail out it would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Eddie
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I am not aware of a way to do that... doesn't mean there is one, but I don't think so.
You could send the notifications to an internal mailbox, then setup a rule to forward this to your external contacts?

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EddieWrAuthor Commented:
Hi Wonko,

That sounds like a good work-around. Let's see if anyone comes back with anything else, otherwise I will use your idea.

Thanks (for all the fish), Eddie
EddieWrAuthor Commented:
Hi Wonko,

No other suggestions forthcoming. I have accepted your answer as the solution as it works just fine even though it is not exactly what I wanted.

Many thanks, Eddie
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