How can I set up a single login process (view only) to Oracle Enterprise Manager for multiple non-dba users

I'm setting up an Oracle Enterprise Manager ( installation that will monitor hundreds of servers.  Numerous non-dba users will request access to database performance information.  I'm looking for a technique, perhaps similar to OS authentication, through which these non-dba users can open Grid Control or Grid Control Information Publisher to view performance information for the databases within their group of databases without having to respond to an OEM-based login.  We use LDAP in our normal network verification.
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RindbaekSenior ConsultantCommented:
1) Create role with the needed view access under Setup -> Roles
2) and create a user under setup -> administrators and grant the role(s) needed

RindbaekSenior ConsultantCommented:
i forgot, instead of granting access to single targets you can create groups that contains several hosts, instances etc. itd done under targets -> groups
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