Can you set up a read receipt in a SP Designer email?

I have a workflow built in SP designer that sends an email to an outside vendor.  There are times when he gets the email, but other times when it seems he does not.  Can I set up a read receipt in SP Designer so that we can keep track of them and know which ones he gets and does not get?  How would I set it up if it can be done?
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No, I do not believe you can, in SharePoint itself.  It isn't SharePoint delivering the message but SMTP.  I'm not aware of any way in the SMTP Service in Windows to do this, but if you are routing through an Exchange Server, you could look at the capabilities it has there for applying rules and actions at the SMTP gateway outbound.
That said, in regards to troubleshooting, this sounds more like an SMTP delivery problem and not a SharePoint problem. I'd suggest looking at both ends of the SMTP chain (logs) to understand what mechanism is killing the message.  As well, do the simple things like validate your PTR and SenderID/SPF records for your mail system and have him whitelist your emails at his end.
OKDRSAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.  We have spoken with him about white-listing us but as we have no control over his IT floks we can't enforce that in any way.  I will speak with our Exchange admin and see if there is anything he can do.  Thanks again.  
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