Can not get awstats to report against access.log file in extended mode.

I am trying to configure awstats to report against my weblogic access.log file. The access.log file is in extended mode with the following as the header with the first few lines of data.

#Fields:        date time cs-method cs-uri sc-status bytes time-taken
#Software:      WebLogic
#Start-Date:    2010-04-05      14:03:02
2010-04-05      14:03:03        GET     /aaa/DetailFrame.jsp?buildVersion=23.4&iOrgId=9095&userID=1234   200     28622   0.06
2010-04-05      14:03:03        GET     /aaa/control/Action?Request=true     200     30442   0.1

My current logfile setting in my awstats.test123.conf is set to:  LogFormat = 2
Is this LogFormat correct? I have been trying to create a custome LogFormat but I am still getting no data returned.

Any direction or ideas?
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LogFormat = 2 means that your log files comply with IIS log format
The line from your log file shown is not exctly the IIS log format. It is missing hostname
So you need to use a custom log format.
I would suggest to try
LogFormat "%time2 %method %url %code %bytesd %other"
seisAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the slow reply. I was out last week... I am still having an issue with this report. The actual logfile format is different that what I posted. When I try to use the logFormat as listed above I don't get a report. No error either. just the banner page.

I wonder if I am having an issue with the spacing between the date and the time. I have tried adding %other for the additional columns.  I have even tried a logFormat "%other %other %other %other %other %other %other" thinking I would get some data but still nothing.

Any ideas?

LogFormat "%time2 %method %url %code %bytesd %other"

#Fields: c-ip date time cs-method cs-uri sc-status bytes time-taken

2010-05-03      04:57:06        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=false 200     1701    0.0030
2010-05-03      04:57:17        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=false 200     1701    0.021
2010-05-03      04:58:01        GET     /       404     0       0.0
2010-05-03      04:58:18        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=true 200     1705    0.0080
2010-05-03      04:58:28        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=false 200     1701    0.0030
2010-05-03      04:58:40        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=false 200     1701    0.0030
2010-05-03      04:58:49        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=false 200     1701    0.0030
2010-05-03      04:59:06        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=false 200     1701    0.0030
2010-05-03      04:59:17        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=false 200     1701    0.0030
2010-05-03      05:00:18        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=true 200     1705    0.0080
2010-05-03      05:00:28        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=false 200     1701    0.0020
2010-05-03      05:00:40        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=false 200     1701    0.0030
2010-05-03      05:00:49        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=false 200     1701    0.0030
2010-05-03      05:01:06        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=false 200     1701    0.0030
2010-05-03      05:01:17        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/=false 200     1701    0.0020
2010-05-03      05:01:27        POST    /acme/control/login/lock?stpReqTime=1272862887383     200     717     0.014
2010-05-03      05:01:27        GET     /acme/commandTunnel/closeBrowserConfirmed.jsp 200     628     0.0030
2010-05-03      05:01:34        GET     /acme/control/login   200     703     0.016

which version of awstats do you use ?

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