Blackberry Calendar not syncing with delegate

Hello all

I have recently setup RIM Blackberry Enterprise Express ver 5 on my exchange 2003 server. Everything is working flawless except one account and it happens to be the CEO [Go figure Murphy's law at work]
The problem is his domain account is a member of a SQL group which is a member if the domain admins group. So prior to my migration from T-Mobile to AT&T when I encountered the RED X when sending issue, I created a separate account for him and had that second account associated to his BB device. I then had the primary account forward mail to the secondary account. This worked fine his mail was getting to his BB and he was able to respond from his BB no problems. I think the calendar and contacts were also working. At least thats what he is saying. Now after the migration I tried to do the same thing but the calendar and contacts is not updating. I tried usiong the delegate having both account be a delegate for each other so an appointment created on the promary will show up on the seconday etc and vice versa. Its not working.
The mail part is working
Any ideas
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He may have received some calendar info when you first moved things over to the new account but it sounds like he just received a copy of what he had on that day and when he updates his contacts and calendar it is not also updating the other accounts contacts and calendar. The BES pulls all data from the server for that specific user activated on the device so if that account is not receiving the contacts and calendar updates then the BB will not receive them either.

It would be best if you could just activate his main account on the device. Is there a specific reason why him being a part of the domain admin group is a problem for you guys activating him on the BES?
Being a member of domain admins is a known issue that causes problems with send-as rights on Exchange and security permissions don't inherit and apply properly.

Is there a reason this SQL Group has to be members of domain admins? That's an awful lot of rights for some database access. Can you change to SQL auth or separate the groups - like a DB_read and DB_write? It makes the most sense (to me) to have the users actual main user account activated and associated with the handheld which helps cut down on issues such as the one you're having. Also, the fwd you set up - was this done on exchange or in the users Outlook?

FalconTwoAuthor Commented:
This is the way I inherited the setup he was always part of the SQL group which is part of the domain admin group. He does all sort of weird stuff to a mirad of applications and I do not want to interfere with the permission on the primary account.
I am thinking of removing his primary account from the SQL and adding the secondary account to the SQL group and have him connect to his various apps using the secondary account

Like I mentioned above, I inherited this setup and I do not want to make too many permission changes
The forwarding was setup in exchange

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FalconTwoAuthor Commented:
Hello all
I created a new secondary account and left the primary as it with the exception I removed the SQL group. Its all working now since I added the SQL group to the seconday account that is not associated to the BLACKBERRY device
FalconTwoAuthor Commented:
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