Sending a fax with faxmaker to an extension

Hi, I wanted to know how to send a fax with GFI faxmaker when there is an extension for the number I want to send the fax to?
for example what is the address I have to use when sending a fax to the number 123456 Ext 123?
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scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you should be able to use the following as the phone and extension --

123456 .... #123

The dots tell the fax app to pause for 3 seconds (or so) for each dot -- this gives the phone time to answer the call -- and you need to experiment with the right number of dots -- too many will cause a hang up, too little will send the extension before the message even answers the phone.  THe # symbol means take this number as an extension -- some phone systems will see it right, others will ignore it, others will abort on it.

It takes a bit of experimentation, but I was able to fax automatically overseas using this .... and # system.
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