Defragging an Exchange 2003 Information Store database on a separate server

Possible?  I have one Exchange 2003 Enterprise server that has been running for about 6 years and has never had an offline defrag done.  The Storage Group has three separate stores and the total size is about 130GB.  Since this is a production server, I can't really take it down long enough to do a defrag, which I'm assuming is going to take FOOORRREVVER, so I was wondering if it's possible to copy the database files off to a lab server and defrag the database there, then move them back?  
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Shreedhar EtteCommented:

It is possible to perform the defrag on the another server. (

First Check event id 1221 to find the available white space in the database. If it is not much then no need to perform the defrag.

As you have Exchange 2003 Enterprise you can create another Mailbox Store an move the mailboxes to the New Store. This way downtime will for the users whose mailboxes being moved. However for this you required enough disk space.

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Glen KnightCommented:
If your running enterprise edition then you don't need to run an offline defrag.  You create a new store, move all the mailboxes to it then delete the old one.

No downtime, no chance of data loss it's great :)

have a read of my article here:

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tenoverAuthor Commented:
Event 1221 shows a total of about 800MB of white space.  Not much I guess.  If I create a new store and move all users from an existing store to this new store using the Move Mailbox tool, will funky things happen with the clients Outlook in regards to connecting and will there be issues with Auto Complete in Outlook when people try to send the users who have changed stores email?
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Glen KnightCommented:
No it will not effect either of those.

The users will still be in the same excange server and they will still be part of the same exchange organisation.

The only downside is their mailbox will be inaccessible whilst it is being moved and they may need to close outlook and restart it again after the move process.
Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:

If you only have 800MB of white space, don't waste your time. The only time it is worth your effort and distruption to move your mailboxes to a new store is if you are going to be able to reduce the size of your store a significant amount. Usually, this would occur after you have set new mailbox limitiations and purged old data. 800MB is less than 1% of your store size.

One other thought for this though.

Another consideration to creating and moving your users is the idea of creating multiple Storage DBs so you are not sitting on a single DB that is 130gb.  That size DB is a time and headache nightmare to backup and restore.  Goal is generally to stay below the 50gb range per DB.

Just a Thought is all.
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