HL7 Messaging Standards


I am looking to convert HL7 messages from several different sources, so need to read the data.

In theory - If two different sources are providing the same data using the same specification, is it guaranteed that the information will appear in the same position of the same section, or is it possible to get differences between senders?

I am trying to understand whether i would need to create a reader specific to the sender, or specific to the HL7 version of info received. It seems obvious, but i have read conflicting information, so would like to clarify.

Many thanks in advance for your help.
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Two people speaking English are close, and 99.9% of their communication will synchronize.  But, it is likely there will be differences as well that need to be discovered and understood.  In my opinion, it is the same with HL7.

In a government setting, I've used HL7 for a long time.  In my opinion, if you have two sources of HL7 messages, and both consistently use the same specification - same messages and segments - all it means is that you are close.  

Trust, but verify.  

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HildebarAuthor Commented:
Thank you!

I would search here first then try the interface.
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