Clonezilla - single partition of a disk only?


We have a dozen brand new identical PC's. We would like to set one up and then clone it, so that we only have to install all our software once, and also are able to reset machines to our default software/settings if required.

I tried partimage but it failed as these are DELL machines with vendor supplied recovery partitions.

Brand new "out of the box" the machines have:

/dev/sda1 (Dell diagnostic tools etc)
/dev/sda2 (Dell recovery partition)
/dev/sda3 (C drive)
/dev/sda4 (D drive)

I want to clone ONLY the contents of C drive - ie partition /dev/sda3.

Using clonezilla, is it possible to ONLY image/restore the contents of one of the partitions? All 4 of the partitions are on  the same physical disk. When I try this with partimage, I can create an image ok, but restore fails - I assume because partimage tries restoring the contents of partition /dev/sda3 to /dev/sda1 on the target machine.

Can someone please clarify if it's possible to do this with clonezilla, and perhaps a link to some instructions?

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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
You cannot clone C: drive only as it is the third partition on the drive. Why cannot? It will not boot from C:
These configurations where recovery and backup storage partitions are located normally boot from one of the first too partitions and then point to Windows files located on C: drive.
As you clone the C: partition only you would need to perform repair steps to make C: bootable. And only then clone the C: drive to all other machines.
Otherwise you need to clone entire HDD but still you have underwater rocks there. Dell puts its recovery environment into MBR of the drive and during clone operation it could be kicked off from there. And you loose this way the recovery options.
I recommend you using some tool with more functionality than Clonezilla has.
Backup\Restore would let you copy the C: partition only and create some restore points (images) where you can roll back when needed.
Why not just clone the entire drive after making changes and then clone the entire drive to the other machines?
I am sure it would only take a little while longer to transfer the 3 partitions that you don't seem to want to mess with...  you would probably be done by now..

For that you could just use dd on a linux terminal window.
It does a bit for bit transfer.
Some info on that here.
The other option is to make a system image with Windows restore and just transfer that into the C drive.
MDWinterAuthor Commented:
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