%userprofile% variable - direct to server (folder-redirection)

When we install a new customer, we use some basic batch files to migrate portions of their current user profiles (Favourites, Desktop, Cookies etc) over to a Stage PC, then back into their new userprofile.

All works fine, except some of the userprofile data doesn't seem to be picked up after logging into the new account.

A prime example would be the IE favorites. The portion of the script that copies the favorites looks like:

xcopy "\\StagePC\staging\PCDATA\%username%\Favorites" "\\%servername%\UserProfiles\%username%\Favorites" /E /H /I

We use folder-redirection for the userprofile data, and the data is copied to the server fine, but it isn't picked up from the desktop. Other folder-redirections work fine (My Documents, Desktop etc) and are picked up immediately.

If we copy the data to the local profile (e.g. %userpfrofile%\Favorites) it will pick that up fine.

Does this look like a folder-redirection issue, or am I missing something?

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donciakasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have You ever tried using "User Profile Wizard" found on http://www.forensit.com/downloads.html
maybe it will solve Your problems

cmorffewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check the security settings on the folders in question.  
You might find that the user does not have the correct rights to "write" to the favourites folder.  This is assuming that you have set up folder redirection for the favourites folder correctly. :-)
support01Author Commented:
Thanks for the replies :)

However, while on the journey home, I got thinking.... couldn't this actually just be normal "roaming profile" behaviour?

When we login for the first time with the new AD account, it has a blank profile, which is downloaded and cached to the C: drive. We then run the script which copies data to the server profile, so... thinking about it..... it's normal that it's not picked up during this login session and should (in theory) be picked up at the next login?
johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Honestly, I would Un Exclude any directories currently not roaming, and allow the next logoff event (or two) to copy them up for you as part of the profile. Then switch the policy back.....

Favorites and Cookies are not going to be large files... Dont matter how many links, they are only about a 1kb a piece......

Desktop, thats another story....
support01Author Commented:
Thanks guys
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