Cisco 3750 Stacked Switches

We have 3 Cisco 3750 switches configured in a stack.  We need to move our stack and connect a trunk to our Metro Ethernet and other routers via fiber instead of the way it is connected now with copper.  Only the 3rd switch in the stack has SFP ports.  We use EIGRP throughout the network.  The 3rd switch only has the Standard Image on it.  The first 2 switches have the Enhanced Image.

Will we be able to connect the fiber trunk to the 3rd Switch and have the routing protocol work?  Is the routing points on the VLANs global for the stack and will EIGRP work?
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Bit confused here all 3750s have SFP ports, do you mean only switch 3 has free ports or fiber ports?

All switches in the stack should be running the same image can you do a

show version and see what you get for each one.

Also check the flash on each switch with
dir flash:
dir flash1:
dir flash2:

The stack has only one running config and so all VLAN interfaces apply to the whole stack. The enhanced image will support EIGRP fine.
wolf2008Author Commented:
I am not physically in front of them (I am working on planning from a remote location) but the show ver tells me that the first 2 switches are WS-3750G-24T-E.  These have 24 10/100/1000 Ports according to Cisco and I'm assuming it's the model without the SFP ports.

I think you are right too about the image - they say Under SW Image C3750-ADVIPSERVICESK.  I must have assumed that the 3rd switch had the standard image because of the S at the end of the model number.

I will double check that the first 2 switches do not have the SFP ports.  But, what you're saying, I can assume that if I connect to a trunk on any switch in a stack it will support EIGRP as long as it's an enhanced image?

Yes you are right the 24T doesn't have the SFP ports,never knew that -  see you learn something every day :-)

You can always check remotely with a "show interface status" if tehr are SFPs they will show up as Gi1/0/25 and 26 but I doubt that you will see them.

But a trunk to one switch is a trunk to the whole stack and EIGRP will work provided you have an enhanced image
wolf2008Author Commented:
It only goes up to Gi1/0/24.  

OK, I think this will work.  Thanks again!
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