Avaya IP Office 406 hunt group

I have an hunt group configured in IP Office 406. It has two extensions in it with one overflow group. Ring mode is collective, voicemail off, overflow time 15, queuing is off. There is a phone outside our door that when a person picks up the phone calls this hunt group to tell the receptionists to open the door. One receptionist is out on maternity leave so her phone is on call forward. If the other receptionist is on a call the outside phone gets a busy signal. I tried adding a third extension to the extension list and it rolls over to that new extension. Is there a way to make a hunt group ring her second line if she is on her first one already?
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set the ring mode to collective call waiting will show more than 1 call to a phone, if you have spare CAll keys.

also, turn queueing on the Hunt group, don't set a limit
You also need call waiting set on the individual user as well as the HG.
If you only have 2 CA keys make sure you do not have "Reserve Last CA" set.
call waiting on the user is only for the user's personal direct calls, not HG.  HG with CW will do.
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Yep, my bad,
although I am sure in older versions (pre 3.2) that was the case...
cardinalAuthor Commented:
I set  call waiting on for any call in the hunt group and turned on queing with no limit Now you don't get a busy signal but it does not ring on her second line if she is on a  call on her first line.
"call waiting on for any call in the hunt group "  - have you set the hunt group to collective call waiting ring type?
cardinalAuthor Commented:
Yes on the first tab in the hunt group the ring mode is on collective.

Then under that is a drop down box labeled "Agent's status on No-Answer applies to" that's set to any call.

Next to that is a check box labeled "Call Waiting on" I have that clicked.
Overflow time is 15 secs
No answer time is blank
voicemail answer time is off

On the Queuing tab:

Queuing on is checked
Queue Length is no limit
Normalize Queue Length is checked.
I don't know if this matters but the phone that rings this hunt group is a analog phone. They wanted this old time looking phone for the lobby,
what version are you on?  i'm only familiar with v4 onwards, other Dave here might help if an earlier version.  But just to clarify:

"Yes on the first tab in the hunt group the ring mode is on collective"

You don't have an option for 'Collective Call Waiting' for the Hunt Group Ring Mode?

cardinalAuthor Commented:
The IP Office Manager says version 6.0.
the ring mode is collective and the only other modes are sequential, rotary and longest waiting.
If Manager says 6.0 then there is a good chance the system software is 4.0.
A lot of things changed in 4.0 ( and 3.2).
The operation of huntgroups has changed a lot over the years.
See below the section from the latest Manager help file.
It may help speed things up if you were able to post the config here.
Or you could email it to me if you didn't want to post it in an open forum?

Help file says:-
· Collective Call Waiting (Software level = 3.0+)
This is a Collective hunt group as above but with hunt group call waiting also enabled (previous versions of Manager used a separate Call Waiting On control to select this option for a Collective group). When an additional call to the hunt group call is waiting to be answered, users in the group who are already on a call will receive call waiting indication. On phones with call appearance buttons, the call waiting indication takes the form of an alert on the next available call appearance button. On other phones, call waiting indication is given by a tone in the speech path (the tone is locale specific).  

· For pre-IP Office 4.0, all the users in the group must also have their own Call Waiting On setting enabled.
· For IP Office 4.0+ the user's own Call Waiting On setting is overridden when they are using a phone with call appearances. Otherwise the user's Call Waiting On setting is used in conjunction with the hunt group setting.  

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