filtering by color in a shared workbook in Excel 2007

I have a worksheet that when shared I can no  longer sort or filter by color.  I have tried this when there is  no one else in the file and receive the same results.  As soon as I unshare the option to sort and filter by color is back.

Is this just the way it works or am I missing something.
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Patrick MatthewsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When workbooks are shared, some features are switched off.  This is one such case.

In any event, the consensus opinion of the Experts here is that you should avoid use 'share workbook' anyway, as it makes workbooks extremely vulnerable to corruption.
You may have reached the limits of Excel with that use.  It will require a VBA script to run it by color being used a shared worksheet.

Otherwise, I trust you have looked through these already and have found the 'how' to just is a problem with the shared part, correct?

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