how to link to a subdomain in dreamweaver

Hello there,
I am trying to create a link in dreamweaver CS4 to go to, but when i test it on my server it goes to  I dont know why is this hapenening . can someone please guide me on this please.
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
When you create the link in DW, how are you entering it into the Properties panel?

Typing merely "" in the link box will cause DW to append the URL.

Typing "" in the link box should work properly.
Do you have the subdomain configured properly on the web server?  Also could be an issue with your Domain forwarding if you're doing that.  Just guessing....
jaffan72Author Commented:
yes, subdomain is configured fine and if you type in any browser it will work just fine,
its actually a support page i created for our company's website. so in my webpage when i link the support button to it goes to
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