Media player for Drupal like Podpress

I'm building a site in Drupal. My client already has a blog which he uses to add podcasts and videos. He has the Podpress plugin which is easy and powerful. You just specify where the content is, a few details and on publish you get a media player and also feeds are created for Itunes.

Is there a Drupal equivalent that gives the same is of use and functionality. Any guidance much appreciated.
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tbsgadiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you looked at the Dash Media Player ?

richard1966Author Commented:
This turns out to be the best solution for a media player for Drupal. It wont play wmv files which is a pain but will do everything else I need plus some very good other bits like play lists.

I wanted a solution akin to Podpress for Wordpress but there isn't anything like this. This is the next best solution.

Thanks tbsgadi for your help.
Glad to help!
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