How do I consolidate exchange servers across multiple domains

We currently have three different domains that each have an exchange server - exchange 2003 - domainA, domainB, and domainC.  We are trying to consolidate so we may use exchange 2010 so each person can see calendars, share address books, etc.

We don't have time to create a whole new forest and migrate the three domains under one new parent forest (I am being told that we could make, but we could not move the existing domains underneath - we would have to migrate the objects to a new domain such as from the current domains)

If we were go with setting up exchange in a new domain, i.e. domainD and place the mail server in that domain.  1.  could we use trusts to host the mail for domainA, domainB, and domainC in domainD?  2.  Could we block administrators from the other domains  from managing the new domain (i.e. admins from domainA would not be able to setup a mailbox, etc - they would have to contact corporate - domainD- to setup a mailbox for them using the accounts from domainA, domainB, and domainC).

We would like to get the mail running as soon as possible, then come back later and create a and migrate the domains as child domains, but this will take some time.

All input is appreciated!
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Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:

Basically, your plan is sound. You can create a new forest/domain for Exchange 2010 then migrate all the mailbox from the other three forests/domains to the 2010 server. You can setup trusts between the new forest and the old ones, which allows you yo use the old accounts to access the new mailboxes. Administrators in the old forests would not have access by default.

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