Is there a fix for repeating transparent PNG background images in IE6?

I have a layout where all the div elements have a semi transparent PNG background and they are set to repeat-x or repeat-y. It renders correctly in all browsers except IE6. I was wondering if it was possible using CSS or Javascript to fix this?
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beachboy88Author Commented:
Thanks Masterpass. So it turns out that background alpha channel transparent PNGs cannot be repeated. Here's a snippet from

"The AlphaImageLoader does work for background images, but only for the simplest of cases. If your design requires the image to be tiled (background-repeat) or positioned (background-position) you’re out of luck. The AlphaImageLoader allows you to set a sizingMethod to either crop the image (if necessary) or to scale it to fit. Not massively useful, but something at least."
I had once tried to use the same(AlphaImageLoader) and failed miserably. I had this link bookmarked then ....
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