memory optimization for Exchange 2003

I'm running Windows 2003 Standard with Exchange 2003 32 bit.  I have 4 GB's of RAM in my server.  I recently optmized the memory settings for my Exchange 2003 backend server.  All event ID's pertaining to non-optmized memory have gone away.  What I did notice is that my system is only using a total of 1.6 GB's of RAM.  The store.exe process if only using 1.03GB's of RAM.  I have 65 users on this server and the total private info store size is 55 GB's.  Shouldn't Exchange be utilizing more memory?  Should I force the store.process to use more memory?
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Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:

For the number of users you have, the amount of RAM utilization appears normal. Exchange 2003 does not have the same memory caching optimizations that Exchange 2007 has. Exchange 2007 will eat up all your available RAM after it has been running for a while no matter how many users you have.

4Gbytes Memory should be OK for your Exchange server

In case you have anti-virus installed on the server to exclude Exchange's folders !

Check also Memory optimization
BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
the store.exe will take memory to reach the required warm state as it want, Exchange 2003 has some of memory behavior in Exchange 2007, but it will address only 3 GB of memory, 65 users is very small number and 4 GB is fine
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Oups ! Sorry "gopher_49D" !
I think this amount a memory is good and I suppose you have only Exchange installed on the server !

I've seen almost same results on servers running Exchange and File & Print services and SQL and IIS in a 50-60 users environment with 3 Gbytes of RAM and only 1,8-2 (when the back up was running ) of memory used, so I believe you are OK !

Sorry for the above false answer !
Run the Exchange Best Practice Analyser:

It will highlight any other things you should fix for better performance etc, but for 55 users that amount of RAM usage seems fine.

Do you have /3GB and /USERVA=3030 in your boot.ini file?
gopher_49Author Commented:
I've ran the Exchange Best Practce Analyser and all seems well.  I also have the /3GB switch utilized.. I just figured since I have 4 GB's of RAM Exchahge would take advantage of this better.  Since this is a virtual machine I figure I can go ahead and pull 1 GB away from it.  I actually have 2 x VM's on 2 x different physical hosts.  I think I'll go ahead and pull 1 GB from each of them and save me 2 GB's of memory that I can allocate to another VM.
BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
i would recommend leaving some memory for exchange, exchange has some other services other than store.exe that requires memory, give the exchange 3 GB
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