Dynamic Registration or deregistration of one or more DNS records failed with the following errors

We are getting this error on our servers quite frequently. Please see the description below.
Server Enviornment  
Windows Server 2008 enterprise edition 64 bit and Windows Server 2003, both are seperate servers running independently and have active Directory and DFS setup. Please let me know if need addition information.
* Event Time: 20 Apr 2010 06:25:37 AM
* Source: NETLOGON
* Event Log: System
* Type: Warning Event
* Event ID: 5782
* Dynamic registration or deregistration of one or more DNS records failed with the following error:
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Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
If no seen issues in the configuration of the enabled NIC, create the following registry value and restart the NETLOGON service.

DnsUpdateOnAllAdapters (DWORD)=0x1
Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
Error 9852 means "No DNS servers configured for local system".
If DNS has been configured on the server getting the errors, can you post the output from ipconfig/all ?
KidsTrainingTeamAuthor Commented:
DNS with Forward lookup zone is configured and working, but still error is happening. What else should I check ?
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Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
The DNS settings that nead to be checked is the DNS client's configuration in TCP/IP settings on the server getting the event logging.
The error looks like you have a NIC in the server without DNS server configured. Multiple NICs in the server?
Check ipconfig/all command to see the TCP/IP configuration.
KidsTrainingTeamAuthor Commented:
I have two. One is enabled and other is disabled. What do I have to do?
KidsTrainingTeamAuthor Commented:
I will try this and let you know.
Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
A couple of weeks without updates of the thread, so I'm just wondering if you're still having problem or the issue has been resolved?
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