Mass File Copy and Sync, Application Needed

I have to move about 1TB of data from an existing share to a future share.  I am looking for a robust GUI application to assist me so that I can schedule it, maintain NTFS security, keep original file dates, pause/resume, and sync changes (email notification would be very nice too).  The source server is 2003 R2 and the destination is 2008 R2.  I have tried RichCopy but it chokes/crashes sometimes on folders contains an ampersand (this is a documented problem). I have also tried RoboCopy GUI but the feedback for it is terrible.  As soon as I click the Run button it says it has completed successfully and then I see the files start to slowly appear without any indication of progress. Can anyone recommend any FREE applications to help with this?
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I haven't use it for this big amount of data.
I used it to move project folders (about 250GBytes) but i cannot remember if it can keep the original file dates.

Just try it , it's free !!!

Hope that helps !
I know you are looking for free, but if you decide to purcahse a program I can highly reccomend SecureCopy
Cobian would help You easily solve the problem, while you can use archiving, which saves original file dates, and it is totally free:
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zeotechAuthor Commented:
SecureCopy fulfills the most of my requirements; unfortunately, it is absurdly expensive (2 x $449). I am looking for enterprise-class products so I am looking at pay software as well now (I dont think i can edit my original post). Thanks for the suggestions so far, they have all been great just not exactly right for my scenario.
zeotechAuthor Commented:
I just did some more testing with RichCopy and I don't think the ampersand is the problem, i think its the path length.  The path it is choking on is over 255 characters (including spaces).  I am going to retry my copy this evening, mapping the drive to a letter which should save ~30 char.
hi! there .. please go through the following list, most s/w are small and free so you can give them a try before you decide which one suits your particular need and interest.
                       The S/w are arranged as per their order of popularity and preference so possibly you will end up using fastcopy or TeraCopy in long term.

1. FastCopy : I personally use this dues to its customization and Auto options.
2. TeraCopy
3. CopyHandler
4. Totalcopy
5. Supercopier
6. BurstCopy
7. Copyfaster

get back with further clarification if needed


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A Quick Comparison of FastCopy & Teracopy , I have personally tested and use both, both are very robust, my fav is Fastcopy , its FREE, highly customizable, wont crash easily! never crashed on my use yet!
zeotechAuthor Commented:
Sujith_Nair: I think FastCopy might be a winner here! It has a lot of the key features that i need and worked well in a test run (~5GB).  I will run a test on the actual data this weekend.  Thanks!
Zeotech... fastcopy is my favorite too, being freeware and robust it qualifies on many aspects.
zeotechAuthor Commented:
I just tested out the command line functionality and created a scheduled task.  It should take about a day to complete and it is starting Friday evening.  I will update the case again Monday, hopefully after a successful transfer.  Thanks Sujith_Nair!
zeotechAuthor Commented:
FastCopy got the job done!
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