Lab Manager 4.0

Ive recently upgraded to Lab manager 4 on ESX 4.0, when I try to connect to the console of any machine in LM I get a blank screen. Ive managed to get it working in Win 7 by running IE as Administrator.

the problem is that most of my users are still on XP and I have the same problem there, they are local admins of the machines so its not down to user permissions. Theya re running IE8, I get similar results on firefox. There is a firewall between clients and LM but the rules are set to any any in both directions.

Has anyone seen this and if so what was the solution.

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Try running IE 8 in Compatibility view, going to Tools>Compatibility View Settings and adding you lab Manager URL to the list.
ronanfitzAuthor Commented:
the most annoying problems are the ones that are solved by the easiest solution. Thanks for the help, it worked a treat.
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