I have a user who is seeing duplicate meeting requests on his outlook.  this occurs only when the user accetps the request, and then, the sender sends a time/date update to the user.  both time/dates show up as two appointments.  

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xCyberFreakxAuthor Commented:
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The the /cleanprofile command in a prompt to see if this fixes the duplicate issue in Outlook.
This a known issues with Blackberry. Please check if the user is suing Blackberry. If so, then stop the redirection on the BES server and check again. Refer the following article from blackberry:

Duplicate calendar appointments in Microsoft Outlook
Satya PathakLead Technical ConsultantCommented:
Issues that are fixed in Outlook 2007 by the 2007 Microsoft Office suites Service Pack 1

xCyberFreakxAuthor Commented:
Okay. So I updated the outlook to service pack 2. This seemed to fix the duplicate issue. But, yesterday the user noticed one of her appointments which had many attendee's vanished from the calendar. The attendee's can still see this appt. Except for  her supervisor, note, she has delegative permissions to his outlook, full permissions. He also does not see this appt. The sent box shows the invite, but says that the calendar event is either missing or has been deleted. Note, No one received a cancellation.

A few hours later, the appt appeared on the users calendar, but not on her supervisors calendar. Odd isn't it??

The original appt was created after I updated the outlook to sp2.

How do I get this event back on her supervisors calendar and still have an association just in case there is a change in appt time?
More importantly, how did this happen?

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