Another website copied my contents!

I typed in casually my business name and noticed that another person with another domain name copied all my contents and pasted into his website for some odd reason.  My business isn't currently active, but the site is.

I ran the domain name through WHOIS.COM and it's someone in china.

Should I be alarmed? What can I do about this?
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Have you copyrighted you contents?  Have you copyrighted anything on any of the pages?  If not, then there is not much you can do.

This is not that all uncommon for some sites/pages.  There is even the Internet Archive site:

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TeknikDevAuthor Commented:
I just added the copyright notice at the bottom of my page. Also, I found out they just assigned their domain to point to my ip address which is why it's duplicated. Can anyone do something if they point their domain to my ip?
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Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
Setup virtual hosts on your web server that use your content.
Redirect  all other (default) domains to your own domain.

Add a small "break out of frame" javascript code.

TeknikDevAuthor Commented:
Im confused with your response.

The owner of the domain is pointing his IP address to my domain which is why every time i update my site, it reflects on his page.

What does setting up the virtual host do ?
It would be very strange for them to point their domain at your IP address with an A record.

If you are on shared hosting that wouldn't even work

Can you give us a URL of your site, and the one you think is somehow ranking for your content.

It is most likely just scraping or 302 hijacking, but it is much easier to diagnose with URLs and to then give some suggestions.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Domain registrars do 'URL forwarding' all the time.  It allows someone to use more than one domain name for a website.
--> The owner of the domain is pointing his IP address to my domain which is why every time i update my site, it reflects on his page.

Although you can setup a PTR record, which points and IP address to a host name, that does not have the effect that you are describing.

Now, if he has is host name pointing to your IP address, that would make it appear as if he is copying your content, but in reality he is just pointing to your site and your information.

Can you you give us the host name of the site you believe is coping your information?
Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
it is a bit confusing in the beginning.. :)

A web server by default does not care about the domain name people use to access it. There is only one web site on the server, and as long as the client resolves the correct address, the web server will happily serve the content of the web site.

You can add virtual hosts to the web server, telling each one where to get the content from. Each virtual host is associated with a domain or sub-domain, and can be linked with a different source for the web content. There is a default virtual host to deal with requests that come to the web server but do not use a predefined domain.

So how is this relevant to your situation?
You have one or more domains and subdomains that need to serve your own content.
You can set up the web server to serve Different content for the offending domain name. The different content can be anything you want, including a Cease and Desist notice, an empty directory,  redirection to, redirection to, or redirection to your own private branded domain.
It is your choice.

Canyou give us both you url and the url of the "copied" site?

Also, if you have not coprighted your information then they have not really done anything wrong.
TeknikDevAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for the input. The site is now taken down, I've contacted their domain host about the situation.
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