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Pie chart data labels not updating

Using Excel 2007; I have a pie chart whose chosen Chart Options/Data Labels
are "Category Name" and "Value" which in turn are linked to data that gets pulled in/updated via a web query.

When I update the query and new data is brought in, the chart data labels do not
automatically update and require me to go to Chart Options/Data Labels and
deselect then reselect "Category Name" and "Percentage" to force them to
update and then I have to reformat them, etc, etc.

Am I doing something wrong or does excel really not update these values on
the fly?
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1 Solution
Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Can you upload a copy of your file?
yankees9920Author Commented:
The issue I am having is with the pie chart on the lower left of the 1st page.
The breakout data (Non-Enh PTs and # Enh PTs) are from Sheet 2.
PTs in Test is from sheet 3
Active PTs is the sum of Non-Enh and #Enh.

If you change data on sheet 3 (which is intranet web query) the ones that will affect this chart are B2 and F2.
Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Looks to me like you edited the labels for one of the data points, and that caused them to stop updating.

I reset the labels and then added them back using Category Name and Value, and they then started updating dynamically again.
yankees9920Author Commented:
I was unaware that you couldn't edit the Label name and have the numbers still update dynamically.

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