Quantum Superloader3 LTO-4 want Backup Exec to see it as a Stand Alone Drive

I want to control the location of data backups onto my Quantum Superloader3 using Backup Exec 12d or later.

I want backup exec to see the Qualtum Tape Drive as a Stand Alone Drive so I can put the Superloader3 in sequential cyclical mode..

This way I have a single tape that I can but into a safe storage location when a Huricane is coming.

As a Tape Library in random mode you don't have any idea what Tape\Tapes the most recient backup is on.

Thanks for your assistance,
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SCMHCConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
According to Backup Exec Using the Autoloader as a sequential drive cannot be done.
The only way is to create a seperate Domain with one tape and use it.
It will not load a series of tapes sequentially.
You need to put the library in sequential mode, so that you don't see the robotic arm in Windows and Backup Exec.
You've got cause and effect wrong in your question.

You should be able to change to either Sequential Mode or Sequential Cycle mode from the front panel (Configuration / Change Mode).
SCMHCAuthor Commented:
Talked with Symantec Technical support (multiple staff because I did not believe the answer)  Answer above.
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