Import Asterisk CDR Master.csv file into graphical user-friendly charts.

Is there a free program out there that will let me view my Asterisk Master.csv call reporting file in a way that is simple to understand?  What I'm looking for is a program or script that will allow me to import the Master.csv file and generate graphs and reports detailing the number of calls, the times the calls came in, etc.  Right now we are looking at the raw data in Excel, which does give me all the data, but it is messy and hard to sort through.

Any suggestions?

Thank you
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
Are you looking to develop something or are you looking for a prepackaged solution ?
If it's the latter I don't think it exists.

You could however, import your Master.csv into MSAccess or SQL, and either chart in MSAccess, or link your excel sheet to either of the two.

If you wanted to get more fancy... say... web based.  You might develop an web site, that links to a backend mysql, then displays MSCharts.  - thats actually a good idea, and I might just try it myself if I get the time, or unless you beat me to it.

With Asterisk you can send your CDR directly to MySQL, eliminating the need to import a file.  Then you just connect your excel, or msaccess, or web charting the CDR Table on Mysql.
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