Retrieving SNMP trap destinations from Windows


I am currently developing a C# program to detect/monitor USB activity.  If certain a certain device that I don’t want to be plugged in, gets plugged in, then the program will shoot off an SNMP trap to 4 servers that I specified in the code.  SNMP is enabled on the Windows 7 machine, but the program doesn’t use any of this as I have the UDP packet generation in the code.  I will be installing this on A LOT of machines, and realized that in the future it is going to be a pain if the 4 servers change.  I would have to update the code and reinstall the program on each machine.  

I have SNMP configured on the machines themselves with the same trap destination information that is in the code, but it is much easier to push out a change on that if the IP addresses of the servers were to change in the future.    Is there any way to pull in the “Trap Destinations” that I have set in Windows as a variable in my code?  If so, where is that information stored?  That way I could just push out a change to the SNMP configuration and the program would automatically work with the changes.

Sorry if this isn’t very clear…

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Rory de LeurConsultant End-User ComputingCommented:
Why not use fixed dns entries?

vb. usbchecker.resolved-domain.local

IF you want to scale your product, then options like round-robin or NLB comes to mind..

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DickJansenAuthor Commented:
This is more of the information I was looking for, but I will accept yours as a possible solution




DickJansenAuthor Commented:
I was really looking to get away from fixed FQDN entries in the code as those are likely to change at some point.  
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