cannot find *.dcpil when adding assembly reference in

When I add a (third-party) assembly reference in a new delphi .net project (CodeGear RAD Studio 2007  Version 11.0.2804.9245), I'm not able to compile the project, as I'm getting an "<assembly name>.dcpil not found" error. As far as I know, delphi should create a new *.dcpil file when adding a reference to a .net project. However, this apparently does not happen. When I start a new c# project in delphi, adding the reference poses no problems.

 A quick response is much appreciated.

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pdclercqAuthor Commented:
Hi cyberkiwi,

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, that didnt solve the problem. I looked deeper into the problem, and it turns out that as far as I can see, it is not possible to include delphi-made assemblies into delphi without the *.dcpil file. Therefore, I have taken another path to solve this.
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