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I have a aspx page created on sharepoint, that is being opened on a click of a button from app.
The page opens but I am first being prompted for an user id and password.
How can I pass the users AD credentials to the sharepoint page, when the button is clicked?
My app has an anonymous authentication.
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quihongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you treat your app (the anonymous one) and the SharePoint aspx page as two separate websites, linking them via a regular href link (not passing any authentication or whatever) it should work. Does that make sense?

I do not think passing the authentication will be possible since your app is using anonymous authentication. If its anonymous, what credential do you expect to pass?

What exactly does your button do? If you open the aspx SharePoint page directly (without using your button) does it prompt for authentication? If you are using integrated authentication it shouldn't prompt you.
subhorachanaAuthor Commented:
My app has anonymous authentication.
On click of button, it just does a response.redirect to a sharepoint aspx page.
Sharepoint has AD suthentication.

I believe what you say is correct. On production, the sharepoint page should automatically open up, because right now it does not ask for authentication .
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