Window resize problem Filemaker pro 11

Using FM Pro 11, windows xp.  Window 1 is maximized.  A script calls for a new window using the new window script step and then resizes the new window to 500 x 800.  The problem is that it not only resizes the new window but also window 1 (the original window).  I don't want that to happen.  I need window 1 to stay maximized and have the new window 500 x 800, essentially a pop-up window.  I have tried specifying the new window size in the new window script step, and in a move/resize script step.  No luck.  Any help?
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you can't do it: as soon as you launch a second window, the 1st one can't be full screen, only max window size. this is not fm, but a windows feature, you can check with excel for instance> same: if you display 2 windows, 1 cannnot be full screen.
so the best you can do is to make the 1st max size, but still a window inside the main fm window.
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