Convert Zulu Format in Bash to MM/DD/YYYY

Though I found ID:20928993 which is promising but I need to do a little more than that kb item.

my format of the datastore is 20101022185123Z
where date = Oct 22, 2010 18hrs 51mins 23secs Zulu time
I need to construct a pipe sequence to count characters and rearrange formatting
to where this date will be represented as : MM/DD/YYYY

I know the correct format:: date +'%m/%d/%Y' == MM/DD/YYYY or 10/22/2010
If I could just output that I would but my stdin is 20101022185123Z

How do I convert it ?

I am not sure how to count characters. but once I do its some simple awk sequences I am sure...

logical goal steps:

for timestamp in myfile
        if timestamp!="";
        YYYY = ""
        DD = ""
        MM = ""
     1) count/grep 0-3 L>R stdout characters print $1 assign to YYYY variable
     2) | count/grep 0-1 L>R stdout characters trim print $1 assign to MM variable
     3) | count/grep 0-1 L>R stdout characters trim print $1 assign to DD variable
     ##dump the rest of the string do not need mins nor seconds nor Zulu any more
# I want a blank if there is no timestamp
        YYYY = ""
        DD = ""
        MM = ""
4) echo "$MM/$DD/$YYYY" > myfile.log


thanks all in advance :)

JAaron AndersonProgramming Architect @ Widener UniversityAsked:
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How about this for converting:

date -d "${timestamp:0:8}" +'%m/%d/%Y'


DD=`echo $timestamp | sed -r "s|[0-9]{6}([0-9]{2}).*|\1|"`
MM=`echo $timestamp | sed -r "s|[0-9]{4}([0-9]{2}).*|\1|"`
YYYY=`echo $timestamp | sed -r "s|([0-9]{4}).*|\1|"`

that should do what you want

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OK, to make your logic complete:

[[ ! -n $timestamp ]] && echo $(date -d "${timestamp:0:8}" +"%m/%d/%Y") >> myfile.log
.. sorry, typo as always:

[[ -n $timestamp ]] && echo $(date -d "${timestamp:0:8}"  +"%m/%d/%Y") >> myfile.log
JAaron AndersonProgramming Architect @ Widener UniversityAuthor Commented:
freakin awesome you guys rock... I aspire to be a affluent in bash as you both ... thx again woolmilkporc & HeiniHog !

## lol
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