Quicken Rental Property Manager v2 Conversion

I have a customer Quicken Rental Property Manager v2.  They purchased Quicken Rental Property Manager v 2010.  V 2010 will not convert the v2 files.  Are there any suggestions to make this conversion?

(I believe the file format for v2 is .QRP and for v2010 is QDF)
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IT seems the 2010 version has several flaws, and most of the reviews of it are bad.  Almost everyone who had 2.0 is returning 2010, because it won't convert their earlier data, and it is overly complex.  See the reviews in this page (as an example) -- most are negative.

Search that file for -- 2.0 -- and all the relevant reviews will come up.

As for converting the data file, it looks like it is designed to convert MS Money.  You could try the QIF --
or else call Quicken and simply ask them how to do it.  Most people seem to be staying with 2.0.
PAMurilloAuthor Commented:
Hi Scrathcyboy,

I appreciate the input.  Your conclusion is the same I reached - just revert my customer to v2.  On a side note, I heard there was a change in the structure between v2.5 and 2009 versions.  Perhaps this is why the difficulty in upgrading.

No there is really NO EXCUSE for Intuit doing this to customers.  It is just plain BAD PR, and they deserved to be whipped for it.  What business kills their own customer base and still survives?  Anyway, good luck !!
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