how did you setup Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 2005 free download from MSDM

I downloaded Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 2005 from MSDN and now I would to install it where everyone on the team using VS 2005/2008 for ASP .NET development can use it to check in and check out project files. Where should I install the Visual SourceSafe program and does Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 2005 include client software that each user needs to install on their own VS program to give them the abililiy to check project files in and out. Not sure what's needed to set up this thing up. help
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You will need to install this on a server somewhere and then you install the client part of it on each developers pc and it automatically integrates with Visual Studio.
Its really easy actually.
tcmmaxtAuthor Commented:
daveamour: Thank you very much. I need to get this done asap. Your comment -
"You will need to install this on a server somewhere? " Currently we put all our completed dot net asp projects on a server and each member in the group maps their Explorer drive to a directory on this server and copies and/or puts their completed work on this windows server. Is this the server where we install Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 2005?  We want each developer to be able to check in and check out files from the VS program on their machine. Where do we get the client part of SourceSafe so we can install on each user machine. Is it bundled in the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 2005 software downed from MSDN. What is called? Do we have to connect  SourceSafe to our IIS server to make this work thing? Sorry I am new to this SourceSafe stuff?

You install the package from MSDN on the computers you want to have access to to VSS DB.  When you first run the program, it will ask you to connect to a database.  This is when you create a new database on your server.  Then, when you setup the rest of the instances of VSS, you choose connect to an existing DB, and point it at your newly created DB on your server.

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Ok let me dig my cd out and I'll do you a step by step....
Actually I can't do this as I already have it all installed!
Try something like this.
Access to the files is just file based share access and the database is just flat text files.
You connect to a database by specifying the path to where its installed which will see a sourcesafe.ini file.
Sorry meent to paste a link in there!

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tcmmaxtAuthor Commented:
thank you all for sharing this info with me.
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