How to Recover moved e-mail items from any folder in outlook back to outlook from Exchange?

user moved e-mail Items from Outlook (exchange) to PST file. The pst got lost.
if Exchange retension is set to 365 days, therefore if I assuming moving to PST file is the same as deleting it then I should be able to easily recover it. right?
How please?
OscarIT supportAsked:
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Moving e-mails to a PST file is not the same as deleting it, for which you could use the 'Recover Deleted Items' utility on the Tools menu (since you use Exchange).  If you lost the PST file you'll either need to recover a backup of the PST file, or hopefully you back up your Exchange mailboxes and can restore from there.

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OscarIT supportAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much,; can you guide me how to restore individual inbox from backup if you have step by step guide, otherwise I considere the question is completed and will award the point to you.

Change 2009
What backup software and exchange version are you using, the process will depend on that.
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OscarIT supportAuthor Commented:
I am using Veritas backup exec 11 and Exchange 2003,

I found the following link too

Thanks again

OscarIT supportAuthor Commented:
Some back ground:
I earlier aske similar question (ID:25979954Author:Change2009Date:04/20/10 02:07 PM), The user is still in active directory and his e-mail is active, all i am intrested on how easily (quickly) I can restore from Backup his inbox from couple months right before he move them to the lost pst file and create a new PST file and have him deal with it (clean it up)
Thank you
If the mail was moved with outlook, (archived) then it is possible the items are in the deleted-item space.
Google "Outlook DumpsterAlwaysOn" - and set your Reg key. This enables deleted-item-recovery from ALL outlook folders (not just Deleted Items).
Select the original source folder (eg Inbox) and THEN use Tools / Recover Deleted Items.

See how you go.
OscarIT supportAuthor Commented:
Hi Postmaster,
Did you see paul_dj who responded first said' (Moving e-mails to a PST file is not the same as deleting it).
The users cleaned his inbox and move e-mail to PST file.
Are you refering to Outlook archiving feature?
would you clear it please.
OscarIT supportAuthor Commented:
Hello again,
One of you guys recommended restoring exchange from tape since the PST files were created by moving the e-mails from outlook therefore if I understood correctly they are gone from STORE. (Move is not the same as delete)
So I created Recovery Storage Group (Exchange 2003) and use restore option of VERITAS Backup Exec 11d to restore and I selected the users inbox from few months ago before PST was created, however for some reason I might restored the whole database because it took all night (over 100 GB) and finally it failed with Error:
JOB Failed:
Restore (Restore JOB) - The Job failed with the following Error: Access is denied.
I was login to backup server as Domain Admin(Enterprise Admin, Exchange Admin) so I must have had right, the only thing I guess it was out of normal I redirect the VERITAS Temp folder to backup server disk rather than default exchange server (disk space ). Can someone please let assist.
OscarIT supportAuthor Commented:
Called VERITAS, they confirmed that the restore was successful; the error was related to some corrupted attachments. the restore was on particular inboxes that I had selected so everything was fine, however he advised I should have run duplicate job on the backup tape and save it on the disk (whole store) then it would be faster and easier to restore individual inboxes,
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