Best E Commerce Platform

I am looking for an e commerce solution which can last a long time, have functions to meet today's e commerce latest trend. Please suggest something for me.  I am okay with light programming (search, copy and paste; some trouble shooting if I can search it).

II have tried oscommerce in the past, however, there is too much coding when I try to add in modules (there is always compatibility issue when I try to use something from different authors).  I have also tried Joomla, it is easy to install modules but very different from other ecommerce.  They also have a shopping cart which is not explain in detail.  

Let me know if someone can help me deciding one, thanks.

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Nenad RajsicCommented:
Magento is the most popular shopping cart software out there. It comes with heaps of features and if you go for their enterprise version you can be confident that their support will take care of everything.

You can also use it for free but you won't get any official support from Magento guys. With over 5 million installations there are a lot of devs out there and you can always find Magento experts when you need them.

CubeCart is also very good but I don't hink it works well with large product catalogs
Amanda WatsonWeb DeveloperCommented:
I like ecommerce templates myself

The reason I like this one is that you can build the scripts into your own web design really easily.

I work with some very picky designers that need to have nearly 100% design control over the site so its good for that.

I also think their support is great, and clients have no troubles working out the backend admin.

I am just going to add a few more alternatives.

Drupal combined with Ubercart is a popular choice
Pinnaclecart is pretty solid

For hosted platforms Sopify has a huge amount of momentum, and Claimtheweb offer hosted Pinnacle cart (or you can get a special tweaked version through Stompernet)

Avoid any platform with expensive overage on bandwidth bills. $5 - $7/GB is pretty common with some vendors even when they say there are no hidden costs, though bandwidth costs can be offset by using a content delivery network for media files.

I keep on hearing good things about Interspire, but the SEO isn't quite as good as they claim, and their BigCommerce platform is $5/GB for overage, and you will go over - there is barely enough bandwidth for browsing your own store.
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I believe Andy meant

Also, check out, the hosted version of
mplsu8888Author Commented:
how about virtuemart? is that a pretty good platform? is that something that cn run by itself or it has to reside by joomla?
Nenad RajsicCommented:
Virtuemart has good reviews but it's used only for smaller online shops. I am not a big fan of Joomla because I think it's too heavy and memory hungry.

And yes, it has to reside by Joomla. you can't run it on its own as it uses Joomla engine to power itself

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