Need to fix an internal network routing problem so that network requests sent to internal network computers are not sent out to the internet (log)

When I run a tracert command on a client computer (Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7) the network path that is taken goes out onto the internet and then back onto our internal company network.

Our Active Directory DNS server is installed on Windows Server 2008 R2.

I need to fix this routing problem so that when the hostname of a server is resolved by a client computer on our network, the correct network route that will be taken directly to the server without being routed onto the internet.

I belive that this issue might be being caused by incorrect DNS entries.

The internal static IP address assigned to the SCIAEX01 computer is

What exactly can I do to resolve this issue?

This is the result of the tracert SCICAEX01 command line command:

Tracing route to sciaex01.sci-cg.dom []

over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms

  2    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms []

  3    20 ms     8 ms    10 ms

  4    10 ms     9 ms     8 ms []

  5     9 ms     8 ms     8 ms []

  6    10 ms    49 ms    20 ms []

  7    10 ms    10 ms    10 ms []

  8    10 ms    10 ms    11 ms []

  9    28 ms    28 ms    28 ms []

 10    28 ms    28 ms    28 ms []

 11    29 ms    51 ms    30 ms []

 12    28 ms    28 ms    28 ms []

Trace complete.
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

I would ignore the router entirely for the moment. This is a problem with DNS lookup not routing.

The tracert you've posted indicates that a lookup for the hostname produces a public IP address:

Tracing route to sciaex01.sci-cg.dom []

Can you run "nslookup sciaex01.sci-cg.dom" and check the response you get? Can you also run "ping sciaex01.sci-cg.dom" and verify the IP it displays?

If you expect that to return then the lookup, ping and tracert must reflect that.

What are the dns servers configured on your client computers? nslookup in the command window of the client computer will also tell you what the default server for the client is.
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I have the DNS servers configured at (which is the DNS server and active directory domain controller for my company).

The other two DNS servers are DNS servers on the internet that provide DNS resolution for resolving website IP addresses to host names.
Ok, a couple more questions:

1) Do you get the same results for the same type of query on the server itself (

2) How is your router configured? It almost looks like the router is configured to route all traffic to default gateway, instead of just external.... if you have multiple internal networks you need to route between them if I recall correctly (haven't done that in a while so I may be a bit rusty)
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