What are the commands to call firefox and IE from another application and open a web page.

For example, i build the URL in power builder dynamically and then i want to open the browser with that URL call using the client/server application.

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HI Sam15,

You can also try:
Open the Firefox profile manager: firefox -p
Start Firefox with a specific profile: firefox -p “user name”
Open a Specific URL: firefox -url http://www.firefoxfacts.com
Open a URL in a New Window: firefox -new-window http://www.firefoxfacts.com
Open a URL in a New Tab: firefox http://www.firefoxfacts.com
Search Your Default Search Box Search Engine: firefox -search yourtermhere

Also look at this:


Hope it helps. let me know.

sam15Author Commented:
is there a way to test those comands using windows/run or notepad or basic utility
Just enter them in windows/run or a cmd window.
You may have to add the path to the executables... ie.

"C:\Program files\Firefox\firefox.exe" -url "http://www.example.com/"
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