Error when clicking auot out of office reply

I have a user who has two accounts in two domains

Account1: is the domain account and the user uses this to log into the domain
Account2: is also the domain account in the other domain that also has the Email address. This account is on a different domain controller.

Above two accounts / domain controllers / domain have nothing i.e. trust or child domain or anything.


User uses account1 to log into the domain to access network resources

Account 2 is only used for EMAIL purposes.


Email in Outlook works perfectly fine, except when the user clicks “auto out of office reply” and gets an error message saying he cannot connect to the Exchange server.

User has admin rights on the local PC

When trying to repair the account using the “Repair” option in Exchange properties we also get an error message that says “cannot connect to exchange server”

Normal send / receive email works ok

Any ideas would be great .

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When you use Outlook (2007, not 2003) and it wants to set you as OOF it calls to the Exchange web services virtual directory in your IIS server. Since it's not a mapped dir, it uses autodiscovery either via a query to AD or DNS.
Make sure that's set up properly and it should connect.
shavedham2kgAuthor Commented:
I passed this information on to someone else who fixed the issue.
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