Multiple DID phone numbers to an Asterisk PBX system


I'm just wondering if it's possible to have several DID phone numbers and then make them channel through an Asterisk PBX system and then have the PBX send it to a single PSTN phone line or VOIP phone line.

I have a diagram that I posted on my blog:

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Victor KimuraSEO, Web DeveloperAsked:
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There are a few ways to accomplish what I think you want to do. You can do this using a SIP provider that allows multiple DID numbers. Teliax and Vitelity come to mind right away. Either will setup an account and allow you to setup multiple phone numbers. This is probably the lowest cost way to do this as long as you have a quality broadband connection.

A second method is to use a PRI interface. This will allow multiple DID numbers to be processed. This has higher costs both in terms of hardware and monthly costs. Hardware because you will need a digital interface and monthly because you will need a PRI provider.

Victor KimuraSEO, Web DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Hi jfaubiontx,

Thank you for your information. That's helpful.

1) I tried to go to Teliax's site but it's down so I'll have to check it out later. I did see an add for Gafachi and they have something called U.S. termination points for $0.0160 per minute based on 0 to 9,999 minutes of usage per month. I guess that's different than a DID number and it's unrelated. I'm still learning the terminology.

2) I'm going to call Vitelity and see what they can do. Do I need to set up an Asterisk system or can I do without it? I know the original question was in regards to an Asterisk system but I have to learn how to implement it and I don't think that will be possible for a little while anyway.

3) I heard of hosted Asterisk PBX systems. Are there any you recommend?

Thank you for your help.


What Gafachi is talking about is the per minute rates for wholesale calls. This is different from what your looking for. With Teliax or Vitelity you open an account, setup a device, and add numbers. You can have multiple numbers that point to the same device.

As for having to setup Asterisk, no you really don't need to unless you want additional features. With ether Teliax or Vitelity, the device you setup could be a SIP based phone. This would allow multiple calls to be terminated and provide the single termination point as shown in your diagram. In your case Vitelity might be the better choice as you can add additional DID numbers for $1.49 per month versus $5 per month with Teliax. Check out Vitelity rates here:

As for hosted Asterisk, I really haven't seen the need for them. The one place that comes to mind would be if you had multiple sites that needed to terminate to a PBX but did not want to pay for the Internet services to host the box yourself. In the systems we build and install, our customers typically want the low latency that an in house system provides. There are hosted PBX solutions but usually once you go past 3-4 extensions, installing your own system is cheaper at least in the long term. We have had many customers that tried the hosted solutions only to call us back a few months later wanting to implement their own system.

Don't think that I am totally against hosted solutions. If you only need a few stations and only need a couple of DID numbers, these can make sense. Just be aware that adding more numbers or other features can significantly change the cost of the solution.

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Victor KimuraSEO, Web DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much, jfaubiontx. Your answer was so thorough and concise. I wish I could offer you more points.
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