I want to convert M4A files into MP3

I have a bunch of M4A files which I would like to convert into MP3 because my MP3 player doesn't play M4A files.

First, why do people use the M4A file format?
Second, how do I convert a file from M4A to MP3?
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You should try: Free Mp3 Wma Converter 1.9 Free
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.m4a really exists because of Apple's iPod but also because this container format supports Digital Rights Management (DRM) to prevent piracy.
This might give you some problems with reformatting the files if they are locked to a subscription.
First, M4A stands for MPEG 4 Audio. It's an AAC file inside an MPG envelope. AAC is the successor of MP3, providing better quality at lower file sizes. In addition, people distributing content don't need to pay royalties to use AAC.

To convert these files to MP3 files, go to into the Preferences panel of iTunes. Click on the orange "Importing" selection and then select an MP3 Encoder for importing. Change the settings to whatever you want. Now, click OK and go back to the main window of iTunes. Select all songs you want to convert to MP3 and click on "Advanced" -> "Convert Selection to MP3".

iTunes knows a second AAC format called M4P. This is the protected version. It cant be converted to MP3 as easily. If you want to convert it to MP3, do this: First, burn the songs you want to convert onto an Audio CD (preferrably an CD-RW so you can erase it again afterwards). Now, import those songs again, this time into MP3 files
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