How to get the Green Publisher icon with ClickOnce Install and Code Signing

I have a ClickOnce application which installs fine but shows a Yellow "Warning" dialog for the customer.

We are using a valid VeriSign code signing certificate.

This ClickOnce application is Full Trust.

I'm not sure if there is a solution here -- it may always show the Yellow warning icon.  When the client installs the program, it reads "While applications from the Internet can be useful, they can potentially..."  While the text is acceptable, I believe there have been applications in the past that I have installed with the Green Publisher icon.  Are there any settings I can change to get that?

I figure the fact that it is a Full Trust application may affect this warning.

I'm simply trying to lower barriers to client adoption.
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OfficedoxsAuthor Commented:
Confirmed.  The application is Full Trust which designates this as medium risk.
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