Joomla good for a printing website?

Hi Experts,
  We are working on a new website and have decided to go with Joomla. (I need your opinion on whether that was a good idea or not).

Its an online printing website where clients can order business cards, stationery etc. Our back-end will stay the same for a while (written in php). Almost all orders are custom. So for each product we have a different order questionnaire.

The reason for choosing Joomla was that it would be easy for people in marketing, advertising etc to change the website when needed.

Would it have been better doing it from scratch in php/html (what we have currently) or joomla?

Thanks in advance,
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You're likely to have to do a fair bit of custom PHP programming anyway, whether you use Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress. I've worked with all of them, and from a personal perspective, Joomla is the most "messy" as far as the source code goes. It's also harder to come up to speed as a programmer with Joomla, due to the nature of its development framework. Drupal, for instance is a lot better in that sense.

Having said that, the main thing is to evaluate its suitability for your team. If they look comfortable with the framework after a few days of writing code, then you should go with it.

I prefer using a combination of drupal with custom programming. Or you can program whole website without using world-famous CMS-s.
Personally I prefer Drupal, although there is a learning curve involved. But either way, I would most definitely look into using one of the CMS systems (as you are now doing) instead of coding it all by hand. It's an amazing time-saver and you can implement features you never even knew existed with minimal effort. You also have the benefits of updates that are tested...reduces the amount of time you have to spend with spec-code-test-debug-test-debug-test.

You can also (most likely) integrate the Drupal front-end with your existing system, moving over the pieces you want into the CMS framework as needed.

Finally, Drupal is structured in such a way that it can be very search-engine friendly (with the proper modules).

I would also suggest the books by Packt Publishing, or the reference library on Safari Books Online -- a wealth of information to get you going quickly.
martinprintAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the posts. How about Magento as an option?
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