Duplicate Name Exists on the Network

I have 1 2k3 server (Domain Controler, DNS), 2 laptops (winXPPro), 2 desktop's (winXPPro).
Every time i start the SERVER it mentions that a duplicate name exists on the network. There is no other server in the domain or network!
This all happend after a lightning strike into the building.
ON the Server: stopped WINS, flushed DNS.
I have inherited this client, so i have no knowledge of any previous history.
Please advice as simple as you can.
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Hi 911PCusa,

i know you might have checked it already, but if you havent see if you can spot the comp name in dns and delete it....and check the AD Computers OU...and check the machine doesnt not exist there...if so delete it from their.

911PCusaAuthor Commented:
Sorry, like i said.
I had a look at DNS. Forward look-up Zone - Under the domain there are 24 records. i removed the 2 laptop's.
akshay0309 - "and check the AD Computers OU" = Active Directory comp ????OU????
Removed the 2 laptops from the AD.

What i do not understand is WHY the computers in the network affect the SERVER when it starts? (as no computers have logged in yet?)
911PCusaAuthor Commented:
I just had a look at the Event Viewer DNS.
There is a error.
The DNS server was unable to complete directory service enumeration of zone _msdcs.DOMAIN.com.  This DNS server is configured to use information obtained from Active Directory for this zone and is unable to load the zone without it.  Check that the Active Directory is functioning properly and repeat enumeration of the zone. The extended error debug information (which may be empty) is "". The event data contains the error.
This is chinese to me. please advice!
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OK. power off all system in the NW.then power on only the server .Then see what is happening?
Could be a ghosted NIC.....

Device Manager does not display devices that are not connected to ...

Windows might have reinstalled the adapter a second time after power came up after the strike.....
The "Duplicate name exists" error indicates the (NetBIOS) name of the Windows computer conflicts with some other name on the network. Most commonly, this happens when another Windows computer on the local network uses the same name. This error can also occur when one of the connected Windows workgroups has the same name as the computer.
"Duplicate name exists" errors prevent a Windows computer from joining the network. The computer will start up and function in an offline mode only. To resolve this error, simply change the name of the computer to one that is not used by other local computers (or Windows workgroups), then reboot.

Note that a network administrator should also verify the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) is up to date. In rare instances, "Duplicate name exists" is a false error reported when old information is stored in the WINS database.
On the Server try the following commands from the support tools:
nltest /DSREGDNS
netdiag /fix (look for errors regarding DNS here).
I think your duplicate name is another problem. Do you have printers or NAS Systems attached which use workgroup settings?
You can use nbtstat -n on the server to see what name causes the problem.
Unistall or look in WINS for duplicates. After deleting wins and changing DHCP. DNS records, wait a day see if you get same. Then reinstall WINs. I have seen this Database corrupted in 3 networks over the past 3 months. No known reason. Put power outages has been factor.
911PCusaAuthor Commented:
Guys, sorry it has been a while.
I found the solution in the following search.
04/07/05 09:12 AM, ID: 21379968
Duplicate Name Exists on the Network?
sonic wall duplicate name exists on the network
Sorry do not know how to give the points, etc...

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911PCusaAuthor Commented:
911PCusaAuthor Commented:
I want to give point to each one of you as you all tried to help me.
The reason was the Sonic Wall Router / Firewall. This was disconnected and Voilá, the error was gone. Then connected again and YES the error came back.

ugh, i cannot split points? :-(
Everything i do permission denied, so SORRY!
i have dublicate name problem so i have reinstall 2003 but same thing happend i can access \\mis but i can,t ping it or even remote desktop
what shoould i do

i want to remote desktop by name not by ip ..
even \\mis is accessing share files but not pinging netbois name
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