Hide Files/Folders on CD Burn

Hello Es,

I am searching for a program (software) that will hide specified files when burned onto a CD or DVD. I need the disc(s) then to be able to play on any windows pc (CDs will be distributed), without the need for a password to be entered (disc is setup to AutoRun).

I know there must be something like this out there. I recently purchased royalty-free video clips with 2 PDFs & an XLS file. Nothing else on the disc. No video files at all.

Truly need a software solution here.

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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Not really possible.

There are obscure formats you can use for CD discs which will hide files and folders from Explorer but applications such as IsoBuster http://isobuster.com/ will have no problem in deciphering the disk and retrieving the contents.

If you are using Autorun the path will be inside the file so that will lead straight to the contents.

Also see


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Champ007Author Commented:
I think you are right. I have tried to find a solution, but the closest I have come is "DiscKeeper's Blackbox". However, the company requires you to purchase their configured discs. (Quite expensive).

I am not looking for an air-tight solution. Just a way to hide files from explorer on a CD, without having to enter a password (encryption) to launch the files. Some sort of read-only solution.

I am awarding points, but if you know of a read-only solution I would appreciate the tip.

Thanks much
Champ007Author Commented:
See additional comments posted.
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