Login Script for roaming laptop users


I'm looking for a roaming laptop solution. Our current environment is this....

One domain
1 x Head Office: 3 x DC's. 2 DC's using 2008 R2 and 1 using 2003 R2 ,
8 x Smaller branch offices. One in each of the different states (Australia). 1 Server (2003 R2) acting as DC, Fileserver, DNS etc at each of the branch offices.
Seperate AD OU's for the branch offices and main office with their own GP's applied. Both user and computer policies applied.
Re-directed My document and Desktop folders and Offline Files enabled for laptop users at the main site and each brance office.
Kix script for Login scripts
No roaming profiles
Windows XP SP3 desktop going to Win 7 early next year.

The Issues.....

(1) When laptop users travel to the different states its a headache. Offline files tries to sync automatically across the LAN and its a painful user experience.

(2) ServiceDesk get many calls about drives and printers not mapping properly.

This is not my area of expertise and thats why im throwing this out there. We are a medium sized company going through a transitional period.

 Im looking at a phased approach.

Phase 1 (Immediate): Replace Kix Script with VB script. Use Group Policy at an OU level for each of the offices instead of using AD profile tab. In the script maybe get the IPdefault Gateway and match it up with the AD user account OU location. I can then Build logic around this principle for mapping drives and printers etc based on users who are roaming or not.

I know there is a GP for stopping offline file syncing over slow networks...Anyone used this?

Replacing Offline files with Sync Toy or another 3rd party product and scripting that to run on Logon/Logoff (If possible). Also giving users more granular control to choose what files can sync etc.

OR looking at a solution similar to this http://www.fasttrackscript.com

Phase 2 (Later this year): Looking at Win7 and Server 2008 R2 functionality to replace Login Scripts all together. Maybe group policy preferences etc etc.

I know this is a pretty open ended question. But Hey I pay for subscription and never really use it so thought I would throw it out there!!!

So if anyone has solved a similar problem OR might have implemented a solution that they know works please let me know.

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Honestly, I would look at something like Iron Mountain's Connected Data Protector, instead of Offline Files. Offline Files in XP isnt THAT smart, to be able to realize it isnt in the same location as the destination server. Yes, there is a Slow Link detection configurable, but in all honesty, I have seen it work about as much as it fails......

Problem with stopping a File Sync on a slow link, is that if thats all they get for 30 days, thats 30days of work not backed up.

You are spot on with the detection in the login script. Even  using "IfMember.exe", you can map based on group membership as well, but I think you are on the right track to find the proper subnet, and use your logic (if %dg%== then etc.....). Sorry though, I am not a VBS coder....

Synctoy is a good and easy to use product. You can use it scripted as well, or as a scheduled task. But, without the Administration, and enforcement of Offline Files Synching, you have to rely on them possibly to 'remember' to sync....


killragtshirtsAuthor Commented:
OK great thanks for your input. I will have a look at the product you suggested. At least i'm kinda on the wrong track..
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