Quickbooks validation problems and valid file backup options.


A client of mine has a Quickbooks 7 company file (QBW) which is failing validation, which is preventing QBB backups, since validation precedes backup.  After the failed validation, rebuild is recommended and executed, seemingly successfully, after which validation again fails.   This suggest to me that there may be corruption in the QBW file.  Is this the case?  And if so, what can i do to fix the company file?

Also, I have a question about valid Quickbooks backups.  With the Quickbooks backup (QBB) failing now, I'm backing up with Ghost v14 the QBW and transaction log files with the hope that these are absolutely valid backups, and will not in any way impaire the validity or use of the files if used to restore the company.  Is this correct?

Th client is running XP, fully patched.

Thanks tons for your insights.
Mark LitinOwnerAsked:
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ZillionTechConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You have corrupt data in your data file and as a result it will not validate. Look at the QBWIN.LOG file to get a hint at what is corrupted. Or use a recovery service that will examine your file at no cost like QuickbooksFileRepair.com

There is no SuperValidate in Quickbooks.
Have you tried supervalidating the file?  This is a trick that works in Quicken, but I'm not positive about Quickbooks.

Hold down the Shift and Control keys simultaneously and while holding them down, select File, File Operations, Validate, and select the Quickbooks file you want to validate.  Hit OK   This will look exactly like validating, except that once it starts it will say "Super validating file".

It does a more thorough check than plain old validating, but takes longer.
You do not have to validate in order to backup.  I know it's a good idea, but my company has been using QB since 1995...I have more version number than clients!  And I have backed up AND RESTORED from an unvalidated backup with no problems.

Also, how big is your company file?  If you can transfer all of your data to a new company file, you will cut down the size of the file, which means less to validate.
Mark LitinOwnerAuthor Commented:

By the time I read this, I had already found the offending transaction in QBWIN.LOG file and backed it out.  This enabled a clean validate and successful backup.  I've awarded you the points 'cause it's exactly what was needed,

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